What is natural beauty?

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Hope you are keeping well. Today is a special day in the Armitage household as our eldest son turns 3! He is busily running around chasing balloons and repeatedly asking for cake! Seeing as though its closer to lunch time than breakfast, I will probably give in. He has taken a lockdown birthday in his stride; who needs more than glittery door streamers, cake and FaceTime to Nanny at age three?

Today’s blog is inspired by lots of my clients aesthetic desires and a lot of articles I see in mainstream media. The buzz word is ‘natural’. Will my results look natural? I just want a treatment that looks natural. Its worth asking though - what is natural?

Natural describes something that comes from nature, rather than being man-made, so in truth none of our treatments are natural by definition. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand exactly what we are all asking for when it comes to natural looking aesthetic treatments! We want to walk out of the clinic having been treated with the care and understanding of anatomy that complements how we looked when we walked in - like you, but feeling fab and looking comment-worthily great! Just not so your friends can put their finger on what is different.

At the clinic we provide a wide range of treatments, some which treat skin pathology such as acne or rosacea. We also offer minimally invasive dermatology treatments for anti-ageing and then of course injectable aesthetics such as dermal filler and treatments for wrinkles. Which of these would you consider be ‘natural’ treatment options and why? Some clients would not attach their concerns to skin treatments because this might be considered more of a medical treatment or beautification, rather than a modification of their appearance. I know most clients primary concern when it comes to natural results is about dermal fillers. This is because everyone think of Lesley Ash right? People assume that you have to have an excessive amount of product placed resulting in a ‘trout pout’. This concern has been fuelled by the media, in particular Insta ’looks’, combined with a lack of knowledge around available treatments and a glut of poorly trained clinicians.

Consider these examples. A lady comes in with adult acne and acne scarring. After consulting with the client, we agree on medical grade skincare, a course of chemical peels and microneedling once the breakouts have settled, to treat scarring. The results will of course will be natural because the clients will look like herself but with a clear complexion and will radiate confidence. That’s an easy one. Now consider an 52 year old woman considering lip and cheek fillers. This is a very reasonable request, give how the anatomy of the face changes with age. We lose facial volume in our fat pads and lips, leading to jowels and smokers lines. We can restore this lost volume so the client looks like a fresher version of herself. Again, easy right. What about if the lady was 25 asking for lip and cheek fillers? Do your opinions suddenly change? Are you automatically thinking another young girl wanting to look ‘Instagram ready’ and probably doesn’t need it.

Want to know my opinion? All of the treatments provided are natural, in the hands of the correct practitioner. The fundamental principle of achieving natural looking results is respecting the anatomy. Assessing ideal facial proportions relative to culture and ethnicity and having an in-depth discussion to uncover your clients expectations and goals. Some people would like a very volumised lip and some practitioners would be happy to provide this. The key is choosing a practitioner that reflects your values and visions for treatment. Every client that leaves the clinic at Alpha Aesthetics will have had an in depth consultation, evaluation for treatment suitability and plenty of time to reflect on whether they want to go ahead with proposed treatment. That way we can provide the best treatment outcomes, which help you look and feel great and are truly suitable and appropriate.

Right, I must get back to the birthday boy before all that sugar kicks in!

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