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I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping well and those who have returned to work, or are working in the NHS are keeping safe. Digital marketing and online services are on the rise in skincare because we can still offer self care for clients at home, while other services, such as hair and nail salons are unavailable. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to stop delaying, and start a clinically beneficial regime. I am going to use this time to share my own personal skincare journey with you in the hope of inspiring that change. I am almost 30 years old (lockdown birthday?) and have always suffered with large congested pores, hormone and environmental stress related breakouts.

Hormone related breakouts

I have used lots of different skincare brands such as Clarins, Clean and Clear, Liz Earle (thanks Grandma!) and every kind of weird and wonderful fruity facemask, scrubs, masks and never applied sun protection unless I had needed to dig my passport out. Unsurprisingly, this did not really have much of a positive effect in the long term and I would generally only give the products one month to work before I ditched it for another brand, or nothing. Why have I never used medical grade skincare before? Misconceptions and lack of education. I believed products were incredibly expensive, I thought that if I went to a clinic I would be rail-roaded into walking away with thousands of pounds of fancy and time consuming regimes and products and moreover, I thought it was all a con. I did not believe that my hard earned money would be best invested in my skin. I thought my options were buy some aggressive exfoliating cleanser from Boots or go to see the GP for help, and my skin was far from needing medical intervention.

My introduction to chemical peels

December of 2019 saw me embarking on a Cosmetic Dermatology course, to incorporate into my Aesthetic clinic. Why did I choose to add this specialty? The outcomes from aesthetic treatments are more significant if you have a glowing and youthful complexion and so, I fell in love with learning about the science, active ingredients and medical strength products. This revolutionised how I thought about and cared for my skin because although I do use products for anti-aging, my aim is for clear, bright and healthy looking skin. I am okay with ageing, as long as I can stop this accelerating faster than it should. So, what have I done, tried and tested? I have tried lots of different products including cleansers, toners, different SPF's, retinols, vitamin C's, glycolic creams, masks, scrubs and chemical peels. Some I have liked and stuck with, some I have discontinued as they didn't achieve results for me. The brands which I favour are PCA Skin (especially their peels) , Obagi Medical, Teoxane and Neostrata, although there are a couple of cosmetic products I can recommend for those with a smaller budget. You do not have to use all the products from one brand for them to work.

Will you leave the clinic after one professional treatment with Instagram flawless skin? No. Nobody has perfect skin and you need to have realistic expectations. Beautiful skin does not happen over night and it does not happen by chance. In my personal experience, my breakouts do not occur too frequently, they are not too severe and they clear up very quickly. The products have resurfaced my skin, revealing smoother and softer skin and my pores are not congested or as noticeable. This year has already been a year of firsts for me as I went to work without make up, felt confident and the compliments gave me such a boost I felt great. I have also noticed my makeup sits so much better on my skin.

When you come to the clinic for a consultation, we provide advice and address your concerns to solve your problems but in addition to regimes, we provide education. We arm you with the knowledge to manage your skin better and give you the confidence to know what active ingredients work and other ways to protect and correct your skin health. Book in for an online consultation and let us show you how a bespoke treatment plan can work for you.

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