Signs you have an unhealthy relationship with your skin

When I have a consultation with a patient, I typically see at least one of these behaviours. It is common because there are so many brands, buzz words and magazine articles all telling you what you should be doing for your skin. News flash! You need bespoke advice.

1) You swap and change your skincare frequently. Sometimes you don’t even finish the round of products you bought last. Usually because it didn’t make your skin amazing after 3 nights, you saw something nicer looking on the shelf or you found last years ‘3 for 2’ Christmas gift set which you didn’t get round to using (guilty!). Choose products with suitable ingredients and give it chance to work!

2) You listen to what your best friend uses because after all, she’s the latest recruit of a skincare chain. Sure, she might have done extensive research for her skin, but has she done her research on YOURS? Take advice from professionals with actual varied experience and qualifications to back this up, not someone with an interest in it.

3) You micromanage your skin. You check, prod and squeeze areas of your face throughout the day, searching for something disappointing which ‘could be better’. You expect perfect skin everyday but never really step back and see the beauty behind that tiny spot. There is a difference between knowing your skin and obsessing about your skin.

4) You chase problems with more products. You know the one? You use an inappropriate moisturiser which causes spots, so you add in a spot cream but this makes your face peel, so you use a scrub but this makes your skin sore, so you add in a hyaluronic acid serum but now your skin is oily so lets try an acid. Now you have a shelf to rival the skincare isle in Tesco, and don't get me wrong, I have more products than most but they are products which work and suit my skin.

Skin can be unpredictable so work with an expert who can give you appropriate advice and guidance. Contact me today to start your journey.

Leah x

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