Case Study: Preventing premature ageing

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to my patient, Terri, who kindly agreed to be involved with this and consented to sharing her information and pictures.

What were patients’ concerns?

Terri contacted me during lockdown to discuss her skin and discover how I could help. Her main concerns were seeing signs of ageing, especially on her forehead, eyes and mouth. In addition, she was unhappy with how congested her pores were and wanted her glow back. Terri was wearing full coverage foundation and powder because she was so self conscious about her skin. The make up, unfortunately, made her fine lines look worse. Terri had tried all kinds of things without knowing what half of them did for her skin. Her supplies were like she owned half of Boots. She has invested a fortune in make up in an attempt to cover up the concerns that bothered her.

What were the patients’ aims?

Initially, after feeling down about her skin, Terri had been researching surgical and more invasive treatment options. Discovering Leah may be able to help, she felt she had nothing to lose by investing in a consultation. Terri wanted to achieve brighter skin, less fine lines and wanted less visible pores. We had a good discussion about setting achievable goals. Arming a patient with knowledge on skin anatomy is important, it means they know what to expect on their journey.

What were the results?

Terri is a fantastic patient to work with. She has been realistic and has absorbed all the information regarding the products and some of the common initial side effects. We have worked together to achieve her goals of tighter and brighter skin, adapting the plan as her skin adapts. She feels confident to ditch the make up and Insta filters and is enjoying the compliments she is getting about how glowing she looks.

It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Terri and she has made my job easy by following guidance and committing to her skin. She is progressing her regime by incorporating skin supplements and I hope to see her in clinic in the new year to advance her treatment further.

Leah x

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