Get instantly stronger and healthy-looking skin with a medi-facial, specially formulated and tailored to your skin to achieve the best results possible.

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What do medi-facials do?  

Medi-facials utilise chemical peels, gentle exfoliation and moisturisation to hydrate the skin, making it softer and more supple with a noticeable glow.  

How much is a medi-facial? 

£45 per treatment.

Who are medi-facials for?    

Medi-facials are suitable for all skin types and skin concerns.

When should I start to see results?    

You should see the effects of your medi-facial instantly.

How often should I get a medi-facial?    

Medi-facials can be performed as a single treatment for skin rejuvenation on a weekly basis, as a one off brightening treatment before a special event, or as part of a tailored skincare programme. For best results, we recommend 2-4 treatments, each 2-4 weeks apart.

How do I take care of my face after a medi-facial?    

There is no downtime with a medi-facial, which means you don't need to worry about peeling or redness etc. Continue with your skincare as normal the following day. 

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